IceStars need your help!

We are competing to win the Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive $2,500 scholarship!

This campaign goes through October and the 5 teams with the most people pledging to promote good sportsmanship will win $2,500! This would help greatly with our travel costs!

How can you help? It's simple!

1. Take the pledge HERE. Once you take the pledge you will receive a confirmation email. You MUST confirm your email in order for your pledge to count! You do not have to donate money, just your pledge :)

2. SHARE the link! Send it to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. You do NOT need to be a member of the IceStars to take the pledge. EVERY PLEDGE COUNTS!

If everybody helps promote this we could have a good chance of winning!

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 Synchronized Skating is one of the fastest growing disciplines of figure skating. It is a team of 8-20 skaters and characterized by intricate formations and maneuvers, difficult footwork, changing hand and arm holds, deep edges, sharp changes of direction and absolute uniformity. Synchro requires grace, speed, endurance, agility, and rhythm.

Cutting Edge Figure Skating Club synchronized skating programs promote friendship, loyalty, dedication, time management, and sportsmanship.

RecPlex Ice Arena is the home of the IceStars synchronized skating teams. Our 4 teams range in age from 6 -13 years old and will compete in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan during the 2014-2015 season.








2013-2014 Beginner 1 Beginner 2 Preliminary PreJuv Open Juv
Autumn Classic 1st Pl 1st Pl 1st Pl 2nd Pl 1st Pl
Kalamazoo Kick Off - - 4th Pl 1st Pl 4th Pl
Dr Porter - - - 2nd Pl 4th Pl
Foot of the Lake 1st Pl 1st Pl 7th Pl 3rd Pl 5th Pl
Mid America  4th Pl 1st Pl  4th Pl  2nd Pl  2nd Pl
Synchro Illinois 4th Pl 2nd Pl  - - -
Midwesterns  -  - 6th Pl 1st Pl 4th Pl
Midwesterns - Final - - - 5th Pl 12th Pl
The Freeze  4th Pl  1st Pl  1st Pl  1st Pl  2nd Pl
ISI World Champs 1st Pl 2nd Pl - - -







See synchronized skating contract,  Synchronized skating contract.


Please call us, or Click Here to send us an email request for more information.